Bathrooms Waterproofing Contractor in Chennai

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The products are the one-stop solution to ensure a clean and dry bathroom. Range seals all four critical areas in a bathroom. For example, floor bed, shower splash zone, sanitary fittings trap & drainage pipes.

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Terrace Waterproofing Contractors in Chennai

A terrace is an open space that can be attached or detached to a building. In contrast, balconies are small elevated platforms that are affixed to a given room in the house.

Water tank waterproofing

Water Tank Waterproofing Services in Chennai

Black water storage tanks are preferred over white or other light-colored tanks because they block exposure to sunlight, which can create conditions conducive to the growth of algae. The black color absorbs the maximum light and thus, a black water tank minimizes the penetration of the sunlight. Overall, it mitigates the growth of algae up to a large extent.

Injection Grouting

Best Injection Grouting contractor in Chennai

Injection grouting is a method used to fill in cracks, gaps, annular spaces and joints

Best Polymer treatment contractor in Pammal Chennai

Best Polymer Treatment contractor in Chennai

Polymers, also referenced as flocculants, are regularly used